Kingdom Men Rising

92 mins
Grammy-award winning entertainer Kirk Franklin, Heisman trophy winner Tim Brown, former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Jon Kitna, Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy, NFL vice president Troy Vincent, author Priscilla Shirer

Content at a Glance


a few comments like a man cheating on his girlfriend, and a man addicted to pornography; a man says he was molested as a child; a man admits to having paid for his girlfriend to have an abortion; one night stands are mentioned; a few photos of a husband and wife kissing; the mention of a few men having attended a strip club


"oh my jesus" said as a prayer


the mention of racial tensions in the 60s and the assassination of dr. martin luther king, jr.


wine is mentioned.


No Information


going through difficult times is examined and dealing with pain, death and grief.


Kingdom Men Rising is a documentary film exploring what it means to be a real man in the midst of cultural trends in which there is confusion about masculinity. The film wrestles honestly with the unique questions and circumstances men face today. Kingdom Men Rising takes a journey that challenges men to rise above what we have become to lives of no more sitting on the sidelines, no more passivity, and no more excuses.

Movie Message

Kingdom Men Rising is an awesome and inspiring documentary! It illustrates the fact that God can work in the lives of men who surrender to Him, so that they may become the best husbands, fathers, friends and mentors they can possibly become.

Dr. Tony Evans shares why he is where he is in life today. Drawing on his parents as an inspiration, the documentary features an interview with Dr. Tony Evans' father, Dr. Arthur Evans, who states he always did what he had to do to raise his children and to feed them—working several jobs—including driving a cab and driving for a funeral home—among other jobs. He always reminded his kids that God was in control and to trust Him to work things out.

The documentary opens with Dr. Tony Evans driving in the pouring rain through Baltimore, Maryland, where he was raised, and reminiscing about the secure and loving home his parents provided. Yet he also remembers the race tensions of the 60s including the news that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had been assassinated.

Tony meets with his sons and recording artist Kirk Franklin in the barbershop to talk about what it means to be a kingdom man, a leader and example of the Lord in one's home. Franklin admits to having been addicted to pornography in the past but that Tony pointed him in the right direction and helped him. Football legends such as Jon Kitna are also featured, and Jon reminds everyone that despite temptations to align with the wrong side, that "God plus you is enough." He admits to having made mistakes in his past but how he now focuses on God and he is clearly not ashamed of his faith, having influenced many others for Christ.

Another story unfolds, that of Jonathan Pitts, a friend of Dr. Evans who became a pastor of a church in Tennessee. Enjoying life with his wife Winter and their three girls, Pitts was faced with a crisis when his wife died unexpectedly at their home. He was confronted with getting his girls through it and helping them to realize that God was still with them despite the unexpected and tragic loss. They learn that in a crisis, "faith will hold you up." Wonderful lessons are taught in this film, including the fact that we have to take responsibility for the situations we find ourselves in, and "own it."

The various guests, such as NFL coach Tony Dungy, expound on their reason for hope and faith, and the need for young men to be discipled and mentored for Christ. During the various story clips, Dr. Evans is shown speaking at his church, sharing insights and words of faith and hope.

Due to the personal recollections of some having been involved in illicit sex, being addicted to pornography, and having an abortion, we are awarding our Dove Seal to this inspirational documentary for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take The insights and wonderful testimonies of this film are not to be missed! This is a potentially life-changing film, and Dr. Tony Evans shares insights well worth listening to.

For Ages 12 And Over

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