Our Rose Garden

28 mins
Bethany Carol, Cwennen Corral, Richie Marin, Robert C. Raicch, Andrea St. Martine, Constance Egli, Mitch Owens
Ligia Maria Storrs Rojas
Justin Storrs and Ligia Maria Storrs

Content at a Glance


a couple kisses; a man is unfaithful to his wife (and a certain scene implies sex without being graphic); the man begs forgiveness and asks god's forgiveness at church.


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No Information


wine is poured; drinking of wine


shirtless man; woman's bare shoulders


the story deals with mental illness; a woman says she hears demonic voices; tension between characters and the need for forgiveness



This film is the story of two couples: one struggling against infidelity and the other fighting mental illness. At the end, a surprising connection will make you rethink both stories showing that true love is more than a feeling: it’s a choice that requires heroic forgiveness and fidelity which only comes from God.

Movie Message

Love fails—never. That is the theme of this short but powerful film.The movie deals with very relevant issues, such as a husband's love for his wife who is battling mental illness. We also see a younger couple and a character named Mark (Richie Marin) who has an affair, which crushes his wife Gabby (Bethany Carol) emotionally. He immediately regrets it and begs her forgiveness.

There is a connection with both stories that is not revealed until the conclusion of the movie but it is both powerful and poignant. The theme focuses on the need to forgive, as God has forgiven us. Due to the affair and some heart-wrenching moments, we are awarding the film our Dove-Approved for Ages 12+ Seal. The acting is solid in the film, too.

The Dove Take

The movie contains a clear statement that forgiveness is a necessity of life and certainly comes from God as its source.

For Ages 12 And Over

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