Puppy Swap: Love Unleashed

92 mins
Sara Fletcher, Sage Chase, Jeff Medley, Corin Nemec, Rib Hillis
Mike Gut
Ari Novak

Content at a Glance


brief reference to "not being opposed to sex" as an "opposite sex" joke; comic seduction regarding living in the breast part of a dress; couple sleeps together in a sleeping bag; some kissing


minor name-calling.


No Information


wine is seen at the dinner table; champagne is shared between two.


No Information


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A heartwarming family film about an engaged couple that adopts two puppies. When the couple splits up, the puppies hatch a plan to bring the two back together.

Movie Message

Puppy Swap takes its DNA from the likes of The Parent Trap. Only in this film, the two scheming children trying to rekindle their parents' flame are replaced with two scheming—yet remarkably adorable—puppies who were separated at birth. It is up to them to bring back together a woman and man in rural Montana after they split up to discover their futures separately.

The film displays a fair balance of kindness and humor. While the main couple and their dogs make up the build of the plot, the supporting Montana characters give loads of color to the feel of the film, keep it light and airy at all times. The film is also sweet-hearted in the way it encourages forgiveness and authenticity to oneself.

The Dove Take:

Breezy fun, Puppy Swap delivers on humor and warmth, and with a few innuendos to be aware of, the film is approved for Ages 12+.

For Ages 12 And Over

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