Ten Commandments 1956

MPAA Rating:
219 mins
Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, Yvonne De Carlo
Aeneas MacKenzie
Cecil B. DeMille

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the egyptian queen tries to seduce moses, unsuccessfully, after she is married to pharaoh.


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a man is brefly seen being whipped; moses kills an egyptian although it is not graphic; pharaoh's army chases the hebrews; the egyptian army drowns.


drinking of wine.


shirtless men.


a death angel passes over the land of egypt and many firstborn members of families die.


Here, we follow the life of Moses from his basket ride down the Nile, to his adoption into the house of Pharaoh, to his exile into the wilderness and his meeting with the Almighty, and, finally, to his ten confrontations with Pharaoh and the exodus out of Egypt.

Movie Message

This is considered a classic movie and both Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner give outstanding performances in their respective roles as Moses and Ramses, the young Pharaoh who stood up to God and paid the ultimate price for it. The movie is a spectacle with great costumes, sets, music, and is a big production in every sense of the phrase. It is also fairly accurate scripturally, although Moses was said to be slow of speech in the Bible and is not portrayed that way in the film. Also, there is some dramatic license with parts of the telling of the story.

This movie lives on over fifty years after its initial release at the theater, and Heston and Brynner have left indelible impressions in their respective roles. This is epic storytelling and is based on one of the best stories ever told. We gladly award this film five Doves, our hightest ratings level. Also, it should be noted that a newly re-mastered standard DVD edition and Blu-ray release is now available as of March, 2011, and trust me, both of these products look FANTASTIC! It is, in my opinion, worth upgrading if you already own a previous edition. Take the plunge and purchase either the new DVD or Blu-ray disc.

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