The Meg

MPAA Rating:
113 mins
Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson
Jon Turteltaub
Belle Avery, Lorenzo di Bonaventura

Content at a Glance


some banter


frequent swearing ranging from omg and misuses of christ’s name to sob, d**n, as**ole, and more.


plenty of gore: whales and sharks are killed and eaten by the meg, humans swallowed whole, limbs bitten off, a close-up on a puncture wound, and more. helicopters, boats, and submarines are destroyed with people inside. dead bodies are frequently seen.


taylor has a reputation of alcoholism and is occasionally seen drinking beer.


one scene with taylor in a towel; many people seen wearing swimsuits.


No Information



After nearly losing his life to a massive shark, rescue diver Jonas Taylor and a team of researchers must face their fears to rescue those trapped in a submarine six miles under the surface.

Movie Message

Megalodon makes Jaws look like a trout. It can bite through a blue whale easily, swallow shark cages whole, and destroy deep-sea submarines effortlessly. Fortunately for the clueless team of scientists who awakened the beast, there is one man smarter than the Megalodon. Jonas Taylor (Jason Stratham) plays the hero again and again as he seems to be the only one who grasps the gravity of the situation. The rest of the team displays an ignorant optimism that predictably gets many of them killed.

The Meg often has a goofy, jovial feel as the characters crack jokes even seconds after being attacked by the shark. Though the humor lightens the mood of the film, its hard to relate with and often feels out of place (most people would be curled up in a corner having a panic attack). Don’t let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security though. There are plenty of gory casualties and jump-scares as the shark displays its impressive appetite.

As the team spars with the shark, they encounter difficult situations where they must choose between their individual safety or the safety of someone they love. This film navigates the morality of these split-second decisions showing the good and bad consequences that often accompany them. Love often prevails, and team members sacrifice their own well-being to give someone else a fighting chance. These selfless actions raise the amount of integrity in The Meg to a significant level.

Dove Take

In this next-level shark thriller, the only rival to the bad judgement calls made by the hapless team of scientists is their readiness to give up their lives for one another.

Despite the integrity, there is enough violence and profanity (though not exactly gratuitous) to warrant approaching this film with caution. does not approve The Meg.

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