Welcome to Mooseport

MPAA Rating:
109 mins
Gene Hackman, Ray Romano, Maura Tierney, Christine Baranski

Content at a Glance


man talks to his girlfriend about the color underwear she has on and his disappointment in her color choice; implied sexual relationship between two unmarried adults.


some crude language and exclamatory profanities.


No Information


a scene where drunkenness is treated as comical.


a few shots of an elderly man’s exposed backside.


No Information


Set your mind on automatic pilot, relax and enjoy “Welcome to Mooseport.” When former U.S. President Monroe Cole (Gene Hackman) announces his plans to retire to his summer home in the small Maine town of Mooseport after a nasty divorce, the town leaders are ecstatic and ask him to run for mayor. Handy Harrison (Ray Romano), a good-natured handyman and bachelor, decides to throw his hat into the ring after he sees the newcomer flirting with his longtime girlfriend, Sally Mannis (Maura Tierney). The election campaign quickly turns into a circus as “David and Goliath” face off in debates, on the golf course and in competition for Sally’s heart. Although Handy clearly loves Sally, his clumsy efforts to express his feelings simply frustrate her. Mooseport is soon overrun with TV cameras and reporters, and even the president’s venomous ex-wife (Christine Baranski) jumps into the fray.

Movie Message

Pure ego drives the President to run for mayor, but his arrogance and conceit are more comical than offensive. There are no sex scenes, but a sexual relationship is intimated. A few gratuitous shots of the exposed backside of an elderly male who walks around town naked provide the most shocking content in the movie, but the townspeople “barely” notice him.

“Welcome to Mooseport” portrays decent people with idiosyncrasies, big hearts and community pride. Other than the bad language, the elder’s bare buttocks and a scene where drunkenness is treated as comical, it is fairly tame — probably too tame for those looking for action and special effects.

For Ages 12 And Over

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