Yellow Day

MPAA Rating:
98 mins
Drew Seeley, Lindsey Shaw, Ashley Boettcher, Akeem Smith, Meagan Holder
Carl Lauten
Robert Gros, Marsha Posner Williams, G.P. Galle Jr., Blake Hester

Content at a Glance


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a car bumps into a girl, but she is okay; film reveals that a girl’s mother was killed by her boyfriend.


the mention that a family member had problems with alcohol, and a man’s parents were killed in an accident, but forgiveness restores the situation.


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a bit of tension between a few characters; girl remembers mom’s boyfriend yelling at her



Limited Theatrical Release – “Yellow Day” chronicles a young man’s incredible journey through the Yellow Day, a miraculous day when the world is revealed through the eyes of God. This man, in search of his lost love, witnesses stories of real heroes, gains new perspectives and must face his deepest fears, if he is ever to find his love again.

Movie Message

“Yellow Day” is a bit of a fantasy film, coupled with strong biblical principles. Animation is intertwined with live-action sequences, as the film tells the story of a young man and his love for his “queen.” A young man is accidentally locked into a church, along with a young lady, due to a janitor’s mistake. They both had dropped in to pray. They get to know each other, and he can’t forget about her. The next day, she rushes off in her car when the janitor opens the door, and he doesn’t know what happens to her. He believes that God has a plan, even as he wants to know what happened to her. But will he see her again?

This movie showcases what faith can do and reminds the viewer that God always has a plan and, if we wait on Him, He will reveal it in time. The story has an unpredictable twist, and the upbeat version of “Farther Along” during the credits is fantastic. We are proud to award “Yellow Day” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages. It is not intended for very young children, but older children will appreciate the animation and fantasy sequences.

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