You Became I

MPAA Rating:
Not Rated
133 mins
Derek Larthey, Sam Eisenhuth, Andrew Sensenig, Gigi Erneta, Phillip Roebuck, Curtis Louder, Zachary Shope, Engelia McCullough, Kemo Coleman, Christy Leigh
Bruce Harner Jr.
Derek Larthey

Content at a Glance


a married doctor flirts with a secretary; an innuendo in which a secretary is told she will have man’s rear (instead of back) and he says he looks forward to that; a woman is going to work with all men and a man says the men need a release; a husband and wife hug on a blanket on the ground.


bs (initials spoken)-1; rump-1; idiot-1; moron-1; h (as a place)-1; turd-1


a few animated blood drops are seen on screen; a man is beaten to death with a gun although it is not graphic; a few fights and struggles occur and a man has blood on his mouth; blood on a sheet of a recovering man who was shot and undergoes surgery; bruises are seen on a man’s face; guns are held on several characters during the film; government officials enter home and they are armed with rifles and make a family get face-down on the floor; screams from frightened family; gun held on boy’s head; talk of a chopping block; interrogations of christians; a man knocks beer bottles off table in anger and he throws a few objects; a car chase; a man says, “i should just kill you now”; a man is hit with a chair; men wrestle during a struggle.


man has beer bottles in home; a man talks about drinking beer; a man is asked if he has smuggled drugs and he says no; man smokes and it is said man is paid with cigarettes when he helps a group out; a man is given a laxative to get him away from his desk and into the bathroom.


man in shower and his upper body is seen; shirtless man; mild cleavage; .


talk of receiving a chip in order to buy or sell; inspirational scenes featuring prayer and bible study; it’s stated the anti-christ was created by using the shroud of turin for dna and combining the dna of christ with evil.


A crime drama set during the great tribulation with the Saul to Paul conversion mixed in. After Jude’s wife was murdered, he joins an elite task force to hunt down the people responsible for it, a group of resistance fighters called Christians. After Jude joins the elite task force, he discovers a deep secret of the task force. Can Jude trust his friends or his enemies?

Movie Message

Here’s a story which will inspire you to think of the future. It could be a powerful witnessing tool as well. In this futuristic story during the reign of the Anti-Christ, a man named Jude is bitter against Christians. He holds them responsible for his wife’s death. He is part of the U.W.O., the New America World Office whose duty is to track down members of the “resistance” or, in other words, Christians.

As Jude deals harshly with the Christians they seek to help him understand the truth, and eventually he learns a secret regarding his wife’s death which surprises him. The characters develop and grow during this process and the settings are contemporary so as to help the viewer better relate to the story.

The film features some humor, such as the resistance group giving a desk man chocolate cake laced with a laxative to get him out of the way and he soon is racing to the men’s room. With themes of forgiveness, and hope for the future, we are pleased to award this movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus, due to some intense scenes. This one will make for a great “discussion” group.

For Ages 12 And Over

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