Pay Your Kids to Work

Sometimes, kids want more money than their allowance (you) provides. So instead of being the line of credit when their cash runs out let them earn money by doing jobs at home that you’d have to pay someone else to do, or you would have to do yourself.  It will help teach them the value of a dollar, and keep money circulating within your family.

Here are some things that kids can do around the house:

1. Take care of the yard

Assign them the whole yard, or just specific areas.

2. Scrub the floors, vacuum and dust

Most kids know how to pick up their toys, but you can save money on a cleaning service (or your own time) by letting them dust, vacuum and mop the floors.

3. Bathroom patrol

Put a child in charge of taking care of a bathroom – scrubbing the tub and toilet, restocking toilet paper, cleaning the floor, etc.

4. Painting

Show them the basics, but let them do the work. Here’s a plan that worked at my hosue:

  • Day 1: clean the baseboards.
  • Day 2: tape off baseboards, trim and ceiling with painter’s tape.
  • Day 3: the painting begins – no rollers.  Too messy.

They can also paint the patio furniture that has faded in color over the years.  Just make sure they use a wire bristle brush to get the rust off first.

5. Do the laundry. Not just their own.

6. For older kids, cook

If your children are old enough, let them have the kitchen while you relax and read a book. It might be worth a few bucks for you.  You can also put them in charge of making breakfast.

7. Run errands

If your child is a safe driver, give them a list of errands to take care of for you.

8. Personal Assistant

Let your child return phone calls for you; organize areas of your house, etc.