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10 Compliments for Your Son


I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and I asked her how her teenage son was doing. “Great!” she said. “He’s becoming surer of himself. I’ve been telling him since he was little that he was born a leader, and it looks like those words are finally sinking in.” She reminds him about the day she taught him how to hold a tennis racket when he was about three years old. After listening to her give instructions, her son politely took the racket and said, “Now I teach you, Mommy.”

Complimenting your son on his leadership ability can go a long way in building his confidence and his belief in himself. {Tweet This}  So criticize when you must, but compliment whenever you can. In that way, you’ll help your son have a vision for the man he can become. Start with these 10 compliments for your son.

How do you build your son’s confidence? And, if you have a daughter, you’ll love these 10 compliments you can share with her.

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