10 Ways to Pray for Your Child at School



I need these 10 ways to pray for your child at school. Though truth be told, there are many days when my prayers for my children’s school day start even before I open my eyes in the morning. But often that praying gets short-circuited by worrying. As I lay there in bed, I worry about the challenges their day might bring—tests to take, friends to try to make, teachers to please. And, oh, yes, safety as they play at recess, run at PE, and chew foods at lunch that might make them choke.

It’s too much for a mom to take on, and that’s the point. Instead of worrying about it, I need to pray about it. Print out these 10 ways to pray for your child at school. And for more ways to pray for your family, see all of our prayer printables.

  1. I pray that you will keep ____ physically safe.
  2. I pray that _____ will be kind to others.
  3. I pray for _____’s friendships.
  4. I pray that _____ will show respect to teachers.
  5. I pray that _____ finds favor with their teachers.
  6. I pray that _____ will focus.
  7. I pray that _____ will listen.
  8. I pray that _____ will have wisdom.
  9. I pray that _____ will have fun.
  10. I pray that _____ will find joy in learning.

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