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Halloween Scavenger Hunt


Halloween is all about family and treats, right? But Mom always has a trick up her sleeve to take the fun up a notch. iMOM’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt is a not-so-spooky but perfect addition to your trick-or-treat tradition

There are a lot of ways to use our Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Send the kids hunting around the house as you wait for the pizza to come out of the oven. Use it to entertain the little ones who are along for a ride in the wagon. Make it a competition among parents as you wait for the kids to run from house to house. You could even give it to big kids who are too cool to dress up and go door-to-door. Have them split into teams, walk around the neighborhood, and take photos (safety first). The team with the most finds by “time’s up” wins! The only tough part is the scavenger hunt prize. More candy, perhaps? Print it for free today!

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