Finding Patience

finding patience

There are so many days when I only see my children from the outside. There they go, rushing off to school. In they come, straight to homework, sports, music or, I hate to admit it, video games. I hug them and ask them about their day. They hurriedly answer, and then they’re off again. Even at bedtime, when I want the world to slow down so that I can cuddle with them and talk to them, the clock pushes us to hurry and finish so that they can go to sleep.

By: 99 Compliments for Kids

iMOM Contributor

My husband is involved with the All Pro Dad’s Day Chapter at our kids’ school. One of the things they do that I love is at every meeting the dads get a chance to tell everyone around them why they are proud of their children. My husband has told me on more than one occasion that this is his favorite part because our kids light up when says why he is proud of each of them.

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