School Year Assessment


What did your children learn during the school year that they need to unlearn? Have they learned to be quiet because someone bullied them? Maybe they became friends with a “cool” kid who taught them some uncool habits, and now they need a manners lesson.

As much as we want to stay on top of these things during the school year, sometimes we can’t – but summer is a great time for remedial work. Use this school year assessment to evaluate how your child did emotionally, socially, academically and physically.

Look over the questions below and see if you need to work with your child or get help in any of the following areas:


  • 1. Did my child have stability in school friendships?
  • 2. Did my child have stability neighborhood friendships?


  • 1. Did my child get along with the teacher?
  • 2. Was their workload manageable?
  • 3. Did they experience any anxiety in school?
  • 4. Did they make acceptable grades and pass the grade level?
  • 5. Do they need remedial work on any subject this summer?


  • 1. How was overall home life?
  • 2. Did they have to deal with divorce, death, sibling challenges, etc?
  • 3. How has the physical health of the family been?
  • 4. Has anything tragic happened in their life?


  • 1. How has their health been?
  • 2. Is he/she growing the way they should?
  • 3. Is their weight within a healthy range?
  • 4. Are they eating properly and getting proper nutrition?
  • 5. Are they playing outside on a regular basis?
  • 6. Are they keeping “screen” viewing under control? (TV, internet, video games)

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