Kids (4-12)

How to Start Your Afternoon on the Right Foot

The world can be a tough place full of bullies, difficult math tests and scraped knees. Give your kids a soft place to land in the afternoon by greet them with a smile and some occasional fun.

  1. Prepare yourself mentally to pick them up. Clear your mind of work and other things so that you can truly focus on your kids and their needs.
  2. Turn off the radio in the car so you can have a real conversation about how their day went.
  3. Every now and then, take the long way home: Sonic has “Happy Hour” each day from 2-4 with half-priced drinks. A fruity slushy can make the toughest of days seem sweeter. Stop off at the park for a little swing time, etc.
  4. If your kids ride the bus, have a great snack waiting on them. They’re always starving after school (some classes eat lunch at 11 or earlier).
  5. Establish an afternoon routine so your kids generally know what to expect: it might be an hour for snack and free time, then sitting down to tackle homework around 4 or 4:30. If they do homework at the kitchen bar, you can help while you get dinner going.
  6. Consider using our favorite slow-cooker recipes often to free up those afternoon hours even more.
  7. Resist the urge to demand a grade report from them the minute they walk in or get in the car. This sends the message that they are their performance. Asking about other aspects of their day says, ‘you matter most.’
  8. Don’t forget to give big bear hugs to each and every child. Even the ones who make funny faces and pretend to hate it are getting their “love tank” filled with that squeeze!

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