Family Games

Superstore Scavenger Hunt

The Superstore Scavenger Hunt is a blast! Grab the family and head to the nearest superstore. It’s fun, free and a memory maker,so don’t forget the camera.

Head to a store close to your home;

Get ready to search! Get ready to roam!

A camera is all your team will need;

Take pictures of tasks your leader will read.

You may feel silly posing with grins, but get a good snapshot and your mom wins!

1. Your first task involves a cart and three feet, get them all inside and you’ll feel the heat!

2. On to the sports aisle for lots of fun, find a big bat and pose for a homerun.

3. The aisle of paint samples will be the next stop. Find the colors that match each person’s top.

4. This next task involves a person that is small, climb in a storage box and curl into a ball.

5. Find an employee that doesn’t look too busy spin them around but don’t make them dizzy.

6. Your halfway through the game and may need a break, find a big pillow; it’s a nap you should take!

7. Never go in the sun without a hat and sunglasses. So everyone put them on and bat their eyelashes.

8. With a paddle in hand, sing in a line on the floor, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and paddle to shore.

9. Gather your group and be sure to hurry. You must take a picture with characters that are furry.

10. Find a person in the store with laces in their shoes, ask if you may tie them so that you won’t lose.

11. Search for a book with an author’s first name that matches your own…exactly the same!

12. You need a family photo, so find a big frame everyone get in and you’ve finished the game.

Take the pictures to be developed and grab a treat

Go and have dinner or just get off your feet!

In just one hour the pictures will be done.

Take time to look at them, its great Family Fun!

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