A Heart for Adoption and Biracial Babies

By Jim and Becky Ulmer Thirty years ago, when Jim and I were first married, we had it all planned. We would each work full time for at least 5 years, and then start a family. We never even considered that God might have a different plan. It did not take long to find that […]

Adopted But Not Different

Ever since I can remember, my desire was to be just like my dad. To talk like him, walk like him, and grow as tall as he was. I was shaving at the age of four with my plastic razor just to impress my old man and show him that I could do it as […]

Finding My Birth Mom

Born to a college student, I was given up for adoption as a baby. My parents informed me of this at a very young age. I remember being five years old, confronting strangers and exclaiming that I was adopted. I was proud of the title even before I knew the definition or the situation in […]

Being a Big Sister to Two Adopted and Two Biological Children

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. “ So says Robert Frost and so say I… The road we traveled led to the woods of Siberia, a village too poor for many to have electricity, a place where children […]

Adopting Two Older Children

I’ve always wanted to adopt. I think my desire began at age 15 while I was working with underprivileged kids. There was a boy named Jason that I had the hardest time sending home every night. I just wasn’t ever sure what kind of condition he’d come back in. I had three children before my […]

Adopted at Birth

My name is Clyde Christensen. I am a husband, a father of three terrific daughters, and I’m an NFL football coach. I don’t know of anyone whose life has been more blessed than mine. I have a great passion and appreciation for the role and benefits which a family (or team of any kind) can […]

Are you thinking about adopting a child?

Are you and your husband thinking about adopting a child? There are over 114,000 foster children awaiting adoption in the United States. And while there are many families who could give them a wonderful home, these potential parents may be unsure of where to begin, or may think that the adoption process is too complicated. […]