Discipline and Structure for the ADHD Child

One of our constituents wrote to Focus on the Family saying, “We have a 5-year-old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is difficult to handle, and I have no idea how to manage him. I know he has a neurological problem; I don’t feel right about making him obey like we do our […]

The Gift of Attention Deficit Disorder

There are two people running around somewhere in the world that I’d like to throttle. The first is the guy who came up with the recipe for smores. The other is the bone head who decided to attach the word “deficit” to the diagnosis for kids who aren’t that interested in focusing on what’s in […]

Is ADHD Different in Boys and Girls?

It’s important to realize that while ADHD is usually associated with hyperactivity, there is a form that is not associated with hyperactivity. This form is especially common in girls. Girls with predominately inattentive type ADHD will usually be seen as dreamy or detached. Unfortunately, some will be called “airheads” or “space cadets.” Such a young […]

What is a Reading Disorder?

Students with a reading disorder have a problem with their reading skills. Their reading skills are significantly below what is normal considering the student’s age, intelligence, and education. The poor reading skills cause problems with the student’s academic success and/or other important areas in life. What signs are associated with a reading disorder? Signs associated […]

What is the Genetic Link with ADHD?

There is increasing evidence from medical studies that genetic factors play a role in ADHD. Jacquelyn Gillis and her team, then at the University of Colorado, reported in 1992 that the risk of ADHD in a child whose identical twin has the disorder is between 11 and 18 times greater than that of a non-twin […]

ADHD: The ADHD Child

What Are Some Traits Seen With ADHD? Hallowell and Ratey, authors of Driven to Distraction, list 20 symptoms that are often evident in a person with ADHD: 1. A sense of underachievement, of not meeting one’s goals (regardless of how much one has accomplished) 2. Difficulty getting organized 3. Chronic procrastination or trouble getting started […]

ADHD: What is My Child Feeling?

We receive letters from children, adolescents and young adults who live with ADHD. One of the most heartrending came from a boy in the seventh grade. Here is some of what he wrote: When I began the second grade, I went from having a good teacher to a hard one. I did not feel ready for […]

ADHD: Learn as Much about ADHD as You Can

Successful management of ADHD involves a range of options. However, the first and foremost, after diagnosis, is education. The person living with ADHD is usually greatly relieved to learn that he or she has an identifiable, treatable condition. This condition is not caused; you are born with it. It’s part of your design and makeup. […]

How Common is ADHD?

Some studies estimate that 1.7 percent of children have ADHD; others claim the number is closer to 26 percent, depending upon where, when and how the studies were conducted. The Journal of the American Medical Association states that ADHD “… is among the most common neurodevelopmental disorders in children.” The British Medical Journal estimates that […]

ADHD and the Brain

Although the cause of ADHD is unknown, the theories abound. Some believe it is associated with subtle differences in brain structure. Brain scans reveal a number of subtle changes in the brains of those diagnosed with ADHD. In fact, one of the former names used for ADHD was “minimal brain disorder.” Others say it’s related […]