The Most Important Mealtime Manners

Do Good Table Manners Really Matter? Good manners do more than make children pleasant to have around; they build confidence in your kids as they face new social situations. As you begin teaching, remember to avoid nagging—be gentle and consistent instead. And don’t forget to affirm your kids whenever they get it right! Good Manners […]

Manners: How to have a Hallway Hero

Why You Should be Concerned Hallway Heroes are children who have learned how to honor and respect others. Years ago this would have been simply called common courtesy, or having good manners. Seventy three percent of Americans say manners are worse today than 20 years ago. With the decline in manners, there has been an […]

How do you teach your children manners?

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10 Specific Manners Your Kids Need to Know

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. You know, overheard at a fast food restaurant, in the mall, sometimes even during church. It goes like this: “Today’s young people just don’t have any manners…” “When I was young, children were more mannerly…” “A little respect could go a long way…” Good […]

Etiquette: 5 Ways to Raise a Lady or Gentleman

How can you make your child stand out from the crowd—in a good way?  Teach them good manners.  So, have you put your child on the road to being a gentleman or a lady? If you have, they’ll have a head start with their teachers, with their friends’ parents, and even with future employers. Most […]

Etiquette: 10 Must-Have Manners for Kids

Want other people to love your child? Train him to use good manners. Using good manners isn’t a stuffy, elitist practice–it’s the way we say to those around us that we respect them and care about their comfort and feelings. Here are some basics that every child should know: 1. Please and Thank You. Even as […]

Teaching Your Children Good Manners

Are you constantly asking your kids to chew with their mouth closed, put their napkin on their lap, and keep their elbows off the table? Are “please” and “thank you” part of their daily vocabulary? Do you have to constantly remind your kids to send thank you notes? Many moms struggle with teaching their children […]