Teaching Kids to Delay Sex

A new study shows that an abstinence-only education program is more effective than programs focused on health in keeping sixth and seventh graders from having sex within a two year period.

Published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, the study indicated that more than half of the students who were taught about safe sex, had sex by the time the two year study was finished. About 47 percent reported having sex in the following two years after receiving lessons in overall good health with sex mentioned. In contrast, only about one third of the students who received the abstinence-only training reported having sex by the two-year mark. The lessons were taught in eight to 12 hour long sessions.

The government has been investing in abstinence-only education since 1996. This education does not include mention of birth control other than to explain their limitations.

To discuss remaining abstinent before marriage with your children, use our Waiting for Sex TALK Conversation Starters.

What are you teaching your kids about waiting until marriage for sex?

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