Team Theme Dinner Idea

Go team! It’s time to dig in! Think hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza – anything you’d find at a big game. For dessert, you’ll need teamwork to make ice cream in a bag.

Then, create your own family cookie. Here are two basic cookie recipes and some ideas for what you can add to the dough for your family’s signature cookie.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
  • Sugar Cookie Recipe

Remove cookies from oven and cool on rack.

Once the cookies have cooled, let the decorating begin! Start with a thin layer of homemade or store bought vanilla frosting, then let the kids get creative with sprinkles, candies and several tubes of colored icing. They’ll enjoy the chance to add their personal touch and you’ll have fun watching them. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of the entire process – so you can enjoy their cookie creations long after the last crumb is consumed!

Write out your recipe and call it the ­­­­­­­­­­­­(Your Last Name)Family Cookie. Give your official family cookie to friends and neighbors as summer surprise or later in the year as a holiday treat.