Ten Ways to Not Waste Your Life

10 Ways Not to Waste Your Life

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you see your kids waste?  They take one bite of an apple and throw the rest away.  You find a half-finished water bottle on the floor of the car.   They “waste” laundry time by wearing a shirt for 30 minutes and throwing it in the dirty clothes.  But you know what’s a lot worse than that?  Wasting your life. So, here are 10 ways not to waste your life that we hope will be helpful to you.

1. Believe. Belief is the most powerful, positive life-changer. Believe that you are a valued person with something to contribute, and chances are you will.  Believe that you can choose your attitude and your response to what happens to you, and around you.  

2. Know where you’re headed. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere, but it probably won’t be where you wanted to go. Goals, both short term – (“I’m going to spend the evening with my child so he goes to sleep feeling loved”) and long-term (“By Christmas I’ll be able to tell my AA group and my family I’ve been sober for six-months”), are necessary for purposeful change.

3. Define Success. Know that our standard for a successful life is found in serving others, being a good mom, loving our husband—theses standards are more conducive to satisfaction than not having cellulite, having a spotless house or making a lot of money.

4. Value people over things. This is an extension of #3 – No woman is a failure who is loved by a child. That principle extends to our spouse, neighbors, friends and co-workers. To love eloquently, is the cure for the common life.

5. Overcome neediness.  When we “need” others—or achievements—to feel worthy or happy in any way, we’re undermining this great truth: The simple fact of our creation, and that we are valued by the Creator, is sufficient.

6. Live in the moment. Life is now.  Life is going on around you right now.  Yes, plan for your future, but don’t put life on hold until you’ve lost 10 pounds, bought a new car or gotten your house “just right.”

7. Delay gratification. We often confuse fluff and bling with substance. When we are dependent on externals for satisfaction, we will sacrifice what is real (relationships, stability, respect, hard work etc.) for what is superficial.

8. Continue learning. Life-long learners adopt the ongoing posture of reinvention and redemption. Learners ask questions rather than act as if they know all the answers. It’s difficult to waste your life when you are humble and open to new ideas.

9. Be thankful. Knowing what we value puts it all into perspective. Constantly be thankful for even the most “routine” blessings—your health, your children, your life.

10. Know you’re not alone. God is always there for you.  If you draw closer to him, he will draw closer to you.

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