The 4 Most Important Milestones of Your Son


Milestones are important to boys. My husband recently told me a story about when he was fifteen and had just gotten his learner’s permit. He thought his parents would only occasionally let him drive. But his dad surprised him on that first day of having a permit. His dad needed to drive two hours away to deliver something to my husband’s brother who was at college. My husband was shocked when his dad asked him to drive. It was one of those major milestones in life and his dad showed him a tremendous amount of honor by trusting him. My husband still talks about it with a sparkle in his eyes.

There are important moments in the life of every boy that are significant enough to commemorate. By celebrating the important milestones, you can reinforce the things that matter in the making of a wonderful young man, and strengthen your relationship with your son. Here are the 4 most important milestones for your son.

1. First Hunts/First Games

Whether it’s the first day of deer season, or the first day of baseball season, kicking off new and exciting things with your son says to him that you’re just as excited as he is! If he’s heading out for his first hunting trip with Dad (or you!), mark the occasion by giving him some new gear (what boy doesn’t love camo?). If it’s his first time trying a new sport, go with him to pick out his equipment and get all suited up. Even if his new endeavor isn’t something that you will be directly involved in, you can create ways to commemorate it and share in the moment.

2. Dating

Our culture seems to make a little more of the beginning of male-female relationships from the girls’ perspective. But it’s an equally important milestone in the lives of young men. By commemorating his launch into the world of girls, you can impress upon him the great responsibility that comes with it. Help him to understand that taking a girl on a date means assuming responsibility for someone’s most treasured possession—their daughter. You may draw some inspiration from iMom’s 5 Rules for Dating My Daughter and 5 Rules for Dating My Son.

3. Faith Decisions

Whether your church encourages individual professions of faith or allows children to participate in group confirmation classes, this decision to build a relationship with God is the defining moment in your son’s life. Don’t let it pass without celebrating it, and showing your son how truly important you think it is! Mark the big occasion with a special family meal, or by giving him a Bible or other symbol/tool of his faith. By engaging with him about the importance of this choice, you’ll pave the way for future conversations about what it means to be a godly man.

4. Graduations

You don’t have to wait until high school graduation to take part in this one—you can celebrate the “graduation” from each grade level if you choose. By celebrating these important achievements with your son, you build his confidence and self-esteem by recognizing his efforts. It also reinforces for him that good things come to those who work hard and take care of their responsibilities—in school, professionally, and in life. So show him how proud you are and build that bond.


Tell us! What do you think is the most important milestone to celebrate with your son?