The Littlest Angel In Us All

a christmas story book

There is a beautiful Christmas story you may not know. It’s my very favorite Christmas book of all time — The Littlest Angel. (I’m giving away two copies of the book. Read on to find out how to win!) Every time I read it, I cry. It reminds me of how we all really feel inside, clumsy, awkward, and unworthy when compared to Christ.

The Littlest Angel takes place in heaven on the day Christ will be born on earth. All of the angels are scurrying to choose the most extravagant and extraordinary gifts to celebrate the birth of God’s son. The littlest angel is worried. All he has is a box he brought from Earth and the items he treasured inside…

A butterfly with golden wings, captured one bright summer day on the hills above Jerusalem, and a sky-blue egg from a bird’s nest in the olive tree that stood to shade his mother’s kitchen door. Yes, and two white stones, found on a muddy river bank, where he and his friends had played like small brown beavers, and, at the bottom of the box, a limp, tooth-marked leather strap, once worn as a collar by his mongrel dog, who had died as he had lived, in absolute and infinite devotion.

Before I tell you about the rest of the story, let me ask you, what do your children treasure? As you’ll see as I continue with the Littlest Angel, God knows what our children treasure, and what is important to our children, is important to God. {Tweet This}

After the other angels have presented their grand gifts, the littlest angel shyly steps forward to give his. All eyes are on the box and what’s inside. Finally, God says…

This small box pleases Me most. Its contents are of the Earth and of men, and My Son is born to be King of both. These are the things My Son, too, will know and love and cherish and then, regretful, will leave behind Him.

So what if we had to present a gift to Christ… wouldn’t you feel like the littlest angel? But God holds up that childlike gift with such esteem. These are things we all treasure. Simple things. What is important to us is important to God.

If you’d like a copy of The Littlest Angel, I’m giving away two. Just leave a comment below tell me what you’re treasuring this morning. We’ll do a random drawing to choose a winner.

Merry Christmas!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Nichole for winning the two copies of The Littlest Angel!


  • Naomi Moore

    I treasure my children. Every time my pastos wife sees us she exclaims, you are BLESSED!!!

  • Jannie Cornacchia

    I treasure the time spent with my family this morning. The Christmas breakfast, putting together the legos the kids got and playing a game. It’s such a wonderful time when everybody is off from school and work.

  • Jennifer

    I am treasuring my family time today!! I love us all being home with no agenda for the day except to celebrate the birth of our Savior together!

  • Michelle LaVoi

    I treasure God’s faithfulness. This past week I received the answer to a prayer I have prayed since I was a little girl. I am now 41 and had kept praying and God showed himself faithful. I am in the midst now of some uncertainty but I know I don’t have to worry because God is faithful! He has a plan and has a perfect schedule.

  • Mai Xia Hoffman

    I am treasuring the innocence of my sweet 5 and 7-year-old boys this Christmas!

  • E G.

    I am treasuring the gift of God’s love and that I am His child. I have faced the most difficult year of my life this past year, and this Christmas morning I am without my son, without my husband, and without my home, but I am filled with joy because God has filled me up and helped me to rest this morning in knowing that being His is enough. It is not an easy path to get to this place but with Him it is possible and I am hopeful in His plans for me.

  • Rachelle L

    I am treasuring waking earlier than my little ones so that I will be able to see their expressions when they see the very special present we got for them this year. Also treasuring having devotions and coffee with my hubby before all the hubbub begins.

  • Rachel

    Treasuring the time we have with each other! Time is opportunity!

  • Brandyb

    Treasuring every moment (good and bad) with my precious family and how the Lord has blessed us.

  • Qiana

    Today I’m treasuring the time my family is spending with my stepmother. This is the first time in 3 years we have spent Christmas together since the passing of my father. I treasure most the fact that my father was saved, my children, my husband, my stepmother and myself as well. We will all be together again one day in Heaven celebrating !

  • ckamm1107

    I’m treasuring the hugs and smiles and laughter and love floating all around me.

  • Kim Carver House

    God Bless you all!! I have never heard of this story but geared up just ready the build up!! Thank you for all your inspiring stories!!!!

  • Kim

    I’m treasuring the family that is with me this Christmas. Treasuring the good memories of those we have lost, and the promise of a new adopted child joining us this coming year…but focusing the most of the ones that are with me today.

  • Mari Gutierrez

    I am treasuring spending time with the wonderful family GOD has blessed me with.

  • Jessica Davison

    Treasuring this Christmas with family. This is the 10th Christmas since my husband asked me to marry him and now here we sit 10 years later with 2 kids and a dog. Very, very blessed am I.

  • Beth Todd Rhodes

    Today as we sit listening to the storms outside and enjoying our small family of four, I’m reminded as I have been so many times this past month of how precious they are. Our community has lost the lives of two precious teenage boys this season-both friends of ours. Though my heart breaks for these mothers as they broken-heartedly played Santa for one instead of two this year, the tragedies have helped to remind others how to treasure each minute for they may be gone tomorrow. Thank you for this reminder as well that it’s the small things that mean the most. This story-which I had never heard-reminds me of my favorite Christmas carol, “The Little Drummer Boy”. Like him, we have very little to give, but He deserves our best. Merry Christmas to all.

  • Jillian Kennedy

    Today I am treasuring the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I love the laughter and happiness of my 2 children and the love of my husband, and to have a day to enjoy Christ’s birth as a family.

  • Stephanie Rowan-Bailey

    Thanks for sharing this important reminder on this special day. Love it!

  • Heather Schwartz

    Thanks for helping us to remember what makes this day so special!

  • Kelly Lehman

    I am treasuring my time with family and celebrating the birth of our Savior

  • boyces

    Treasuring time with family.

  • Ericka Ellerbusch

    I am loving every second of the day- we start with The Cheistmas Story and then tell Jesus why we are so thankful he came. Then to presents laughter smiles & surprises. Wonderful day to treasure my family and friends and how God loves and gives me grace everyday! Thanks for sharing this story.

  • sgdebra

    I am blessed to have my loving extended family staying in our home and I treasure the memories we are making together.

  • Michelle

    Cuddling up in the couch with my boys, smelling there hair!

  • Michelle

    I treasured this morning….the beauty, awe and wonder of this most blessed day. I was so blessed to spend today with my husband, our 4 children, and my parents. So much love, overwhelmed by blessings, cherishing the looks on my childrens’ faces, and the joy that they bring

  • Heather

    I treasured the closeness of my family. The magic of the moment and the everlasting peace the promise of Jesus brings.

  • Jane Robertson

    I treasured the memories we created this day and the smiles on the faces of my children and husband with all the giggles and laughter in everyday things. Then I look at our three cocker spaniels and realise, we are the luckiest family in the world! We don’t have much money, but we have so much value in .each other. I could not be more thankful!

  • Nichole Heitsch

    Everlasting life
    My baby and husband

  • Rachel Slunaker

    Today, back at work, I am treasuring how much I enjoyed the holidays this year. (We worked through the iMom Advent Calendar and loved it. It really helped keep our family’s focus on others this season and I’ve recommended it to several people. Can’t wait for next year!)