Twas the Day after Christmas and…

day after christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The presents were opened, the kids were all smiles as they played with their toys of all shapes and all styles. And mother and father, exhausted they lay, wondering how they would make it through this very long day. Because not many winks had they had in their beds, due to toys they assembled and people they’d fed. So what will you do on this post-Christmas day? We have some ideas so step right this way!

Watch a movie and chill.

Use iMOM’s Movie Monitor to see what movies showing at the theater might be good for your children. And iMOM now has a watch it now option on our website for some great family movies.

Make snowflakes.

This low-tech option could be just what your kids need when they come up for air from their new electronics. Show them how to make a paper snowflake and they’ll think you’re pretty cool.

Hit the sales.

The day after Christmas is the ideal time to find some great sales. So if you or your children received Christmas cash, you can make it go farther today — especially if you use this Ask Why Before You Buy Printable.

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