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What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?

People put things off for a variety of reasons and often these reasons intertwine, working together and strengthening each other.

Perfectionist Procrastinator

Perfectionism is one cause of procrastination and is probably one of the most pernicious because it is based in fear. We don’t do something because we are afraid we won’t do it well enough or will make a fool of ourselves. Or perhaps we fear we will succeed and have to live with the new circumstances brought about by our success.

Emotional Procrastinator

Some procrastinators concentrate too much on emotions. They think they can’t accomplish some task unless they are in the right mood. Sometimes they may try to create the right mood. For example, if a job is boring, they create the panic of an immediate deadline to break through the boredom.

Circumstantial Procrastinator

Often circumstances hold up procrastinators. They are waiting for a part to arrive or a price to fall. Maybe they are seriously overcommitted and have no time. Or the environment isn’t right (it’s too crowded, noisy, or messy).

Procrastination Junkie

Some people have made a habit of riding the wave of adrenaline that comes when they wait until the last minute. They have become expert in knowing just how long they can dawdle before they jump into a project. This may work for simple projects but leaves no room for error and does not work well on complex projects.

Just facing the reason for procrastination does not break its hold. The only way to weaken its grip is by specific actions. Several approaches follow that may help you free the sludge of procrastination from the pipes of your life.

Excerpt used with permission from the book Organizing Your Day by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims, (Revell). P. 93

By: Sandra Felton

iMOM Contributor

By: Marsha Sims

iMOM Contributor

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