What Moms Need Most in the New Year

fresh start

Happy New Year! We hope that you’re as excited and optimistic about the new year as we are! To get a fresh start on your year, we’re going to give you what you need most in the new year—prayer. We have some great printables to help moms pray for their children, their husband, their family, and their teens.

We also want you to know that we will be praying for you in the new year. We pray that this year will be one of love and blessings for you and your family.  We pray that you will grow in patience, in joy, and in wisdom as a mom. We pray for the very best for your children. And we pray that as you face the challenges of motherhood, loving friends and family will come along beside you to help you. Finally, please know that we are here for you. Share with us, in the comments below, how we can pray for you.


How can we pray for you?