Why Men Feel Inadequate

feel inadequate

Many men feel inadequate at home.

The majority of men do want to be good husbands. But in the same way they worry that they not know everything about being a good employee, they secretly worry that they don’t know how to be a good husband, provider, or handyman.

“At least at work,” one man told me, “I have an idea of how to succeed—work hard, get ahead, complete assignments, and get in good with the boss. At home, what is the measure of success? How do I know whether I am a success or a failure?”

Not surprisingly, men said they judge themselves—and feel that others judge them—based on the happiness and respect of their wives.

What Your Husband Wants You to Know

If a man feels like he’s trying to bluff his way through this being-a-husband thing, you can imagine his relief when he can tell that his wife feels loved and happy, or when she publicly honors him and his “husbanding abilities.” And conversely, you can imagine the trepidation he feels when he receives the cold shoulder confirmation that he got it wrong again, that he is indeed an impostor and he doesn’t know what he’s doing in his personal life.

What Should Wives Do?
It’s not your man’s responsibility to figure all of this out on his own. Once we understand what our husbands secretly feel and think, our words and actions can make a huge difference.

  1. Affirm him! Home is the most important place for a man to be affirmed. If a man knows his wife believes in him, he is empowered to do better in every area of his life.
  2. Don’t tear him down! If instead of affirming, a wife reinforces her husband’s feelings of inadequacy, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  3. Create a safety zone. Men need a place where they can make their mistakes in peace and not constantly worry that they are one misstep away from being exposed. If we don’t realize this and are perhaps too attentive to their mistakes at home, we risk creating a situation that is the opposite of what we want.
  4. Supportive sex. “Sex plays a huuuuuge role in a man’s self-confidence!” reported one husband to me via e-mail. “A man can be having a horrible time at work, but if his wife wants him physically and affirms him in bed, he can handle the rest of the world, no problem.”


  • Elliot Seung-Hui

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    My husband tells me I make him feel inadequate when I speak to him. He tells me what I’m saying, whether it be about us or the family or something that has nothing to do with him all together, makes him feel like he isn’t doing enough. He has said he has felt this way since we have been together, he claims I don’t respect him or love him. I’m constantly giving him words of affirmation, trying my absolute best handling my son and now being pregnant with our first to show him by my actions, I am doing good my best in every aspect I can think of and he tells me the same thing all the time. Am I doing something wrong? Could it just be an insecurity of his that he needs handle? What can I do better?

    • janon

      When people are called out they always fly to defensiveness and rationalization.

      One thing that certainly *wont* fix anything is being convinced it’s just him, that you’re doing nothing wrong, and that you need to focus on figuring out whats wrong with him.

      Try asking and listening. Really listen. Not like most people who merely pause while the other person vents then launch into self defense regardless of what they said, never even really hearing it.

  • S

    My “Christian” husband had an affair for over 2 years and I have lost all ability to think of him the same or “believe in him” even though that’s what he tells me that he needs from me. How can I when he has cheated on me and lied to me and deceived me all while I’m homeschooling and faithfully caring for our children?

    • Kaleigh

      I am incredibly sorry to hear about this. I think your question is valid and would probably be asking the same thing if I were you. I’m so thankful that you are still with him and that you are fighting for your marriage. I will be praying for perseverance in that and that God would work in your marriage to unify you and restore the places that have been broken and hurt.

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