Why We Need to Make Space for Seasonal Self-Reflection

quiet time

I can count on one hand the number of times in the past four years that I have spent quality time (and, more importantly, quiet time) doing some self-reflection. Some seasons of life are busy and full and we mamas are needed around the clock. I used to think I’d push off developing habits of purpose like self-reflection until my kids were a bit older, in a season with less sleep-deprivation, but I’m beginning to believe the soul-steadying benefit of consistent self-reflection is for my flourishing in the here and now. While listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the host gently encouraged her listeners to develop this discipline, because as author and speaker Jan Johnson has shared, “It’s not the experience that brings transformation, it’s our reflection upon our experience.”

quiet timeI don’t want to race through one life experience and on to the next without learning the lessons God has for me in every step of every season. I want to be a student of my own life and I want to allow my reflection to transform me into a better human. I believe this process of slowing down is vital to making wiser decisions for me and family. We are all pretty good about making space for this practice during natural reflection times in our lives, like birthdays and anniversaries and even at the start of a new year. But I’d like to encourage you to take time to do a seasonal self-reflection every few months using this guided, 3-part practice.

When did you last create space for yourself for quality quiet time?