Why Your Children Need This Family Tree for Kids

family tree for kids

My great-grandfather, Autonino, was known as the hardest working man in Ybor City, Florida, rising before dawn to pick vegetables from his garden to sell from his cart in town. My great-grandmother, Mae, taught school with her husband and played piano beautifully. And my husband’s grandfather, Lowry, had the nickname Shine because he was always so happy.

These are real-life stories I recently passed on to my children. And when I did, I was helping them have “higher levels of emotional well-being, and also higher levels of identity achievement” according to a study by Emory University. Researchers found that children who know about their relatives from the past actually feel more secure about who they are in the world.

So try to make time this summer to delve into your children’s family history, and share what you find with them. And if you’re going to see grandparents or other extended family soon, help your children talk with them about your family’s past. We have two great ways to get started: A Printable Family Tree for Kids, and a Family History Interview Questions your children can use as they journey to days gone by.

Source: Emory University

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