Working Moms Holiday Survival Tips

1. Make a list of things you must accomplish at work and find out what days you will be able to take off.  Plan ahead to finish the work in plenty of time to take those days off.

2. Plan your holiday gift buying, cooking, etc. and do it now so that when you are off, you can be free to spend the day with your children.

3. If you are unable to get time off, seek help from relatives instead of having your children spend extra time in daycare.  A visit to grandparents, other relatives, or a special camp will ensure your child gets a needed break from their daycare routine.

4. If you cannot take days off, ask for flexibility to arrive at work later, or leave earlier for a couple days.   This will allow time to do something special with your child on that day.

5. If you have a friend who can take some time off, see if you can watch her children one day in exchange for her watching yours one day. Or consider sharing a fun babysitter who will entertain your kids and her kids together.

6. If your children are older, and they’ll be left home alone all day, plan some out-of-the-ordinary activities to make their day more interesting:

· Set up a scavenger hunt

·Leave encouraging notes around the house

·Leave behind their favorite meals or snacks

·Have them “blog” about how they’ve spent their day

·Give them extra chores so they’ll have a chance to earn money.

·Set limits on TV and computer time – give them a fun reading assignment instead.

·Let them do fun and safe crafts, which don’t require adult supervision.

7.  If this is one of those years where you simply cannot find time to take off, talk to your child about it.  You don’t want to send the message that your child is not as important as the other things filling your time.  Explain the situation and make a date to spend time together in the future.  Then, stay true to your word and focus on them when that day comes.