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12 New Year’s Family Goals

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When I was single and had lots of time on my hands, I came up with a New Year’s plan to have one goal a month. The amazing thing is that by the end of the year, I had accomplished most of the goals. It helped that the goals were concrete and limited.

That’s a good approach for families, too. This year, choose one goal for every month. You can keep it simple and just put up a list with the goals, or you can have a family celebration at the start of each month to kick off that month’s goal and get input from your kids. Here are some family goals to consider for this year.

1. Cooking

Most moms want their kids to learn how to cook before they graduate from high school so they’re able to take care of themselves when they’re on their own. For this goal, assign each child a meal to prepare for the family. For younger kids, it can be breakfast or lunch. Older kids can cook dinner.

2. Service

Meet as a family to come up with a way to help others. Let the kids give lots of input. You can spur them along by asking who in the neighborhood, at church, or in the community needs a helping hand.

3. MoneyShare, Save, Spend

You can use our share, save, spend jars to kick off this month’s goal. You might also consider explaining to your children the financial basics of running a family. Or you can use beans to show how much goes into each category—housing, cars, food, insurance. And you can teach them about matching plans by telling them that you’ll match whatever amount they save this month.

4. Poetry

Don’t run away! Poetry can enhance your family life by showing how words can help us express emotions. You can make this fun and funny. Have your husband read a love poem by Emily Dickenson or look up some quirky poems by Shel Silverstein for your kids.

5. New Skill

What will it be? Knitting? Juggling? Shooting 10 free throws in a row? Everyone chooses a skill and works on it throughout the month. At the end of the month, you can have a Skills Showcase.

6. Kindness

Make your family goal to say one kind thing to each other every day. At first, it will feel hokey. But pretty soon, you’ll see that it really does encourage more kindness.

7. Reading

If you can get your kids to read for an hour a day, studies show their vocabulary and comprehension will be off the charts. That’s the science behind this family goal, but it can be fun, too. Choose one book to read aloud as a family, or have your kids read on their own and then meet every weekend to talk about the book. Make your time together even more special by having foods related to the book.

8. Movement

This month, focus your family goal on moving. Go for a walk as a family after dinner or on the weekends. Play doubles tennis (there are large tennis balls that slow down play for younger kids) or make a circle and do jumping jacks facing each other.

9. Faith

Explore faith if it’s not already a part of your life. Since studies show that attending faith services strengthens families, visit a house of worship. If your family already practices a faith, add another element. Unsure about how to shape your family’s faith? These ideas can help.

10. Thankfulness

Research shows that when we show thanks to others, it improves our overall happiness. This is a great skill to teach our children. When they’re out on their own, they can use this to help themselves through tough times. So gather everyone around a table to write one thank you note—mom and dad, too.

 11. Online Awareness

It would be easy to make this month about turning off all the devices. Instead, use it to teach your family about being aware of how much time they spend looking at screens. You can have everyone keep track of their screen use for a day or a week. But you can have a no electronics day, too.

12. Your Idea

Tell us! What should the twelfth idea be? 


What is one thing you’d like to do differently this year?

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