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15 Best Times to Use Conversation Starters

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iMOM’s TALK Conversation Starters have hundreds of questions you can use to get to know what’s going in the heart and mind of your child.  And since they’re such a great way to connect with your kids every day, here are 15 ways you can use them!

  1. Try some on the way to school! It’s a great way to wake up your sleepy heads.
  2. Slip them in your child’s lunchbox and have them write down the answer.
  3. Try them right before bedtime.
  4. Going on a long car ride? Pull these out to conquer boredom.
  5. These are great for conversations at mealtime!
  6. Ask them on the way home from school!
  7. Try some when they have friends over. You might see a different side of your children when they’re using the TALKs with friends.
  8. Send some when your children go to their grandparents so they can have fun connecting with your kids too.
  9. Put them in a jar, and have your kids draw one out every day to answer.
  10. Have your kids ask each other the questions.
  11. Hide them under your child’s pillow.
  12. Put one in a cereal box.
  13. Hide them around the house and have your children hunt for them.
  14. Put them in their socks. When they find them, they have to come find you and answer the questions.
  15. Share them with your child’s school teacher.
Tell Us! What is your favorite question to ask your kids?


What is your favorite thing to talk about?

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