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9 Potty Training Tips for Mom and Child

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“Ugh…I mean, Yea! Potty training!”  Perhaps no two words ignite such dread in the heart of a mother of a toddler like the words, potty training.  Go ahead and search “potty training tips” on the web.  It turns up more than 16 million results! Not to worry. We’ve sorted through every last one (ok, maybe not all 16 million) and come up with the 9 potty training tips and a great story so you won’t feel alone.

1. Warm them up. Start talking about potty-training before you actually begin the process.  Explain the parts of their body to them, and what they might feel when they need to go. Remember, these are uncharted waters (pun intended) for them. They’ll need some help on what’s happening.

2. Capitalize on their desire to imitate. Let them watch you go (like you have a choice).  Explain what is happening while you’re going.  Be specific, “Mommy just drank all of that water at snack time and now I’m letting it out.” Or use a doll that wets as an example. If you’ve got a little man on your hands, make sure dad is easily accessible to show junior how boys do it.

3. Clear your schedule.  Toilet training is a process, and it takes time. Keep your schedule as free as possible for a couple of days or until you notice progress.  If this isn’t a priority for you, then it won’t be for them.

4. Keep a good attitude. It’s easy to get frustrated and you’ll quickly run out of patience. But as the mommy, you set the pace for this new endeavor.  If you can stay positive, then they’ll have no choice but to follow suit.

5. Make the toilet a comfortable place for them.  Enlist a few of their favorite things and use them only when they are on the potty. Get special books from the library, a special car, doll or other toy. Also, let them pick out their own potty.

6. Go at their pace. Keep in mind that it may take them three days just to be comfortable sitting on the potty, let alone peeing on it. Let them take as long as they need to feel successful.  Your first child may have taken three days to train, your second – three weeks, your third- three months. That’s ok. Each child is different.

7. Stay consistent. Once you start training, keep it going until they get it. If you say, “This is the last set of diapers I’m buying.” Then make it the last set of diapers you buy, for real.

8. Praise them!  Use statements like: I’m proud of you! You did it! What a big girl/boy! We have to call _________ . They’ll be so excited to hear about this!

9. Be kind, ReMind. Whether you use a timer, or simply keep watch over your little one for the pee-pee dance.  In the early days they are going to need constant reminders to “go.” Make sure you’re setting them up for success by reminding them.

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