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Don’t Be a Mood Swing Mom

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Our emotions should be indicators, not dictators. – Lysa TerKeurst. 

I have a major shift in my mood with the change of seasons from fall to winter. Those gray-filled days cloud my mind as the weather fluctuates up and down and a dim feeling of gloom sets in. Oh, how I miss my daily dose of Vitamin D on those sunless days! My thought life turns about as gray as the sky.

On one of those days, I found myself sitting in front of the TV, with a tissue in one hand and a freshly-dipped spoon full of chocolate ice cream in the other. However, in the span of 60 seconds, my happiness quickly swung to feelings of sadness and I found myself crying over a Hallmark commercial!  That wide swing of emotion motivated me to loosen my grip on my thoughts and get alone to wrestle with them. (A helpful tip is going to God and it is fewer calories than ice cream.) I needed to sort my heavy moods that gripped my mind so I got alone and slowly regained control. In an effort to save your waistline, you can skip my favorite cold, chocolate-covered treat with these less-caloric action steps to help you get your moods swinging to the lighter side of life.

Deal with it!

Ignoring your moods only hide the problems. Dark thoughts are easily triggered by stress, worry, anxiety, personal responsibilities, family roles and expectations, abuse, and poverty. These toxic situations can lead to serious imbalances in brain functions and create long bouts with depression.

“Every moment of every day you are changing your brain with your thoughts in a positive or negative direction,” Dr. Caroline Leaf, author of Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health wrote “Every time you think and choose, you cause structural change in your brain. Your thoughts impact your spirit, soul, and body.”

Swing your mind to have patience, understanding, joy and steadfast strength in whatever you are dealing with.

Don’t give in!

Our emotions (good or bad) display our decisions to be a people of power or a powerless people. Don’t base your happiness nor contentment on your situation or current event, diagnosis, or feeling. Speak about the positives and negatives to help you realize the difference between facts and fiction. You can’t control everything and it’s good to remember there are some things out of your control. Don’t hang your heart and mind on other people’s opinion of you; let your mind swing to what you know is right! It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing!

Own it!

Learn self-control over out-of-control emotions to bring mental stability. On a good day, you can only control yourself. If you are seeking to control the emotional well-being of another, that’s not your assignment. As you are owning your emotions, set an example for others to do the same. Even simple things like a healthy eating plan or a full night’s sleep can get your mind functioning properly and bring overall wellness to your life.

Don’t forget it!

You are stronger than you think! Your mind is wired with the capacity to experience the full gamut of emotions so you could enjoy life, share yourselves with others, and reflect your personality. Normal emotions are beautiful expressions. The ultimate goal is to manage your moods and live in peace and harmony with everyone, including yourself! Learning self-control won’t put an end to the stressors but will help you live a happy and contented lifestyle. Life is too short to be mad or sad all the time!

We highly recommend that if you are suffering from control with moods or exhausted emotions that you seek the help of your trusted medical physician who knows your history!

What steps have you taken to gain control over your emotions?

Janelle Keith loves lattes, good laughs, and lives to notice the good in others. She is the author of Grace for Your Waist, her story of losing 132 lbs. of weight.


What helps you feel happy?

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