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How to Organize Your Laundry Room

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Even an endless task like laundry becomes more pleasant if your work space is well organized and attractive. Aside from caring for clothes, many laundry rooms are also the epicenter of household cleaning and storing essential supplies for everyday tasks. We’ve pulled together ideas full of our favorite tips, tricks, and ideas for you to use. Let’s make the laundry room so amazing, you’ll whistle while you work!  And for more organizing ideas, check out our Home Organizing Board on Pinterest.

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1. Build a DIY platform for your front-loaders; use the space beneath for sorting baskets.

Under Washer Storage

2. Round up loose change and lost socks with these cute wall hangings.

Lost and Found Laundry

3. No room for baskets? Try bags on the wall for sorting dirties.

Hanging Hampers

4. Go vertical with this DIY tower and have a basket for every member of the household.

Stackable Baskets

5. Create a folding table on top of your front-loaders.

Laundry Countertop

6. Dealing with a smaller “laundry closet”? Tap into the space above with basket-friendly shelving.

Basket Shelves

7. Shop for drying racks and shelving with style to make your space more attractive.

Hanging Racks

8. Have your handy man build some tilt-out hampers for your cabinets. 

Pull Out Hamper

9. Rolling hampers are retro-cool and functional. 

Large Laundry Basket

10. Want to hide your machines? Try a simple curtain over the front. 

Hidden Washer and Dryer

Dana Hall McCain writes about marriage, parenting, faith and wellness. She is a mom of two, and has been married to a wonderful guy for over 18 years.


Which cleaning chore are you the best at?

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