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10 Cell Phone Rules for Moms

We hate to bust you on this Mom (and we’re talking to ourselves here too), but there are 10 cell phone rules we need to abide by. It’s going to take some self-discipline and some changing of our habits, but the results will be worth it. You’ll enjoy your children more, you’ll feel less frantic, and you’ll sleep better! (If we get you two out of those three, that’s still pretty good, right?)

So the first one of the list of 10 is pretty easy: When your child is talking to you, look at him, not at your phone. And you’re not allowed to say, “Wait one second…” We have to immediately look away from our phone and look into his sweet eyes. Because, sadly, studies show that when parents are “interrupted” by their kids when they’re on the phone, the tone they respond in is less than loving. Here are the rest of the 10 cell phone rules for moms.

Tell us! What are your own cell phone rules?

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