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Are You Raising Your Children with Character?

As a child, Corrie ten Boom never thought of her family as poor. Even though her family had very little she remembers her mother fixing many meals for families that were even less fortunate than hers. Corrie’s mom modeled and raised her with the character to put the interests of others above her own, as did her father. When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands Corrie and her family hid and housed Jews and Underground Dutch Resistance members in their house. When the ten Boom house was raided and the family arrested they still did not reveal the people they were hiding, who were eventually able to escape.

Corrie and her siblings not only cared for others in extraordinary circumstances, but even when they were imprisoned and treated with cruelty they were able to forgive their captors. Teaching character traits to our children is important, especially when they face trials. That is why we developed a character tree printable. It is a practical way to affirm when your child shows those character virtues you want to instill. Download it now.

What character trait do you feel is the most important to learn?

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