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Date Night Conversations to Have with your Husband

Recently, we here at iMOM had a reader tell us that when she and her husband go out on a date night, they never have anything to talk about. They aren’t alone in this experience. My husband and I used to have this happen to us too. The expectation to have a great time together once you’re finally alone can actually work in reverse and you both draw a blank.

Now my go-to strategy for date nights is to keep a running list of all the things I’d like to share with my husband or get his opinion on throughout the week. I keep this informal ‘list’ on the Notes app on my iPhone so that it’s handy to pull out and set unobtrusively in front of me once we’re on our date and inevitably can’t think of anything to talk about. Instead of trying to talk to my husband about things that are important to me when he’s busy doing something else, I have started waiting until I have his full attention on date night. Here are some other valuable date conversation starters. We’ve chosen to make this into a printable so you can take them with you on your date! If you like this one, here are some others you might also like.

Also, if you want to switch it up, here are some Would You Rather Questions you can ask as well! For more questions covering a variety of topics, download our Q & U app today.

Readers, what do you talk about on your date nights?

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