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Kids’ Praises for God Printable

From a very young age, kids learn they can go to God to ask for what they need and desire. But prayer is meant for so much more. It unites our hearts and minds to the characteristics of God. It helps us remember that He is good. Do your children know how to praise God? Most parents are good at teaching their children how to thank God and ask Him for what we need, but how well do we show them how to recognize the traits that make Him so awesome? 

Praises should come pretty naturally to children. They love to celebrate! Praises can be as easy as just repeating words or phrases. They can be as simple as just remembering who God is and what He did yesterday, is doing today, and will continue to do tomorrow. With attributes of God right at their fingertips, this sweet praises printable is a great way to help your kids learn how to praise Him. Pin it up and every night at bedtime, they can tell God another reason they love Him! 

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