12 Ways to Pray for Your Middle Schooler

prayer for students

Middle school can be awkward, heartbreaking, and discouraging — not only for kids but for moms too! It touches the heart to watch our little children move from their elementary school world to the limbo land of middle school.

15 Thanksgiving Prayers

thanksgiving prayers

The idea behind Thanksgiving is so simple yet so profound. A gift is given, a thank you is returned. {Tweet This} In the case of the Pilgrims, they were given the gift of a new life where they could worship freely. They were given the gift of food from the Indians who helped them survive in their new unfamiliar home. To those gifts, they responded with thanks – thanks in a feast and thanks in words of prayer.

7 Quick Prayers of Encouragement for Moms

prayers of encouragement

There are those days in a mom’s life when things go from bad to worse to good to bad and often it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders. As moms, we tend to think we are the only ones who can carry those burdens. We quickly invite ourselves to our […]

10 Ways to Pray for Your Son

prayer for my son

A son is a wonderful blessing! It’s a joy to see your little boy grow into a capable young man, ready to carry the responsibilities of manhood with integrity. Just think about it: One day that little guy with peanut butter on his face and dirty knees will be someone’s husband, someone’s father, and maybe […]

10 Ways to Pray for Your Daughter

I will never forget the night my daughter called me frantically from college after she had gone with friends to an away football game. When the game was over, her friends went off on their own, leaving my daughter to ride home with a friend’s brother she didn’t even know. “Mom!” she said to me over […]

30 Day Family Prayer Challenge

prayer challenge

Do you take the time to pray for yourself, your family, and others? Here is a 30 Day Family Prayer Challenge that will walk you through something specific to pray about every day for a month. Take the challenge!

10 Ways to Pray for Your Child at School

pray for your child at school

I need these 10 ways to pray for your child at school. Though truth be told, there are many days when my prayers for my children’s school day start even before I open my eyes in the morning. But often that praying gets short-circuited by worrying. As I lay there in bed, I worry about the challenges their day might bring — tests to take, friends to try to make, teachers to please. And, oh, yes, safety as they play at recess, run at PE, and chew foods at lunch that might make them choke.

10 Ways to Pray for Protection in Your Marriage

Your marriage is something that has infinite value. It is the heart of your home. So it’s wise to pray for its protection from temptations that could lead to infidelity. Here, then, are 10 ways to pray for protection in your marriage.

10 Ways to Pray for Your Child

pray for your children

At some point, every mom realizes that she can’t control everything, and she can’t produce a lifetime of happy endings for her kids. But rather than throwing up her hands in defeat, a wise mom gets on her knees and seeks the wisdom and help of God the one who created your child, and loves him […]

10 Ways to Pray for Your Family

praying for your family

No matter what people believe, when things get difficult or life-threatening everyone turns to prayer. This is especially true when it comes to their family. Why wait for things to get difficult? Do it now. Praying for your family helps you focus on what’s really important. Here are 10 ways to pray for your own family.

10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

prayer for my husband

Prayer is powerful. In prayer for my husband, I turn my heart and mind toward my spouse and our union.

10 Ways to Pray for Your Marriage

prayer for marriage

It’s no secret that marriages have good days and bad days.  But every day can benefit from these 10 Ways to Pray for Your Marriage. Use this prayer for marriage today!