15 Simple Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

fall crafts for kids

There are the crafty and the crafty-nots. No matter which category you fall into, making something with your kids can be a great way to spend family time. So for the craft-doer and the craft-don’ters, we have 15 Simple Fall Craft Ideas for Kids.

1. Corn Wreath

corn wreath

2. Paper Pumpkins

paper pumpkins

3. Ribbon Can

ribbon can

4. Sunflower Card

sunflower card

5. Salt Dough Leaves

salt dough leaves

6. Pumpkin Seed Frame

pumpkin seed frame

7. Leaf Garland

leaf garland

8. Painted Tree

painted tree

9. Handprint Owls

handprint owls

10. Button Branch

button branch

11. Candy Corn Bowl


12. Turkey Cookies

turkey cookies

13. Scarecrow Cookies

scarecrow cookies

14. Pumpkin Rice Krispies

pumpkin rice crispies

15. Candy Corn & Cookie Turkey Cupcakes

turkey cookies