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About iMom

iMOM (verb)

i nurture, i listen, i work, i play,
i coach, i cook, i shop, i pray,
i teach, i serve, i love....forever.

Who We Are

iMOM is the motherhood program of the non-profit organization Family First, which also has a fatherhood program called All Pro Dad. We exist to help you to love your family well.

What We Do


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A Message from THE Founder of iMOM

Welcome! We are so glad you have found us—we are growing in numbers every day and that makes me want to do a happy dance!

You see, we really do exist for you. We want to help you grow as a mom and find joy in being a mom—no small task. Being a mom is not easy. I have five kids—girls, boys, biological, and adopted. No two of mine are even remotely the same. Parenting has been a rollercoaster ride for me. With every incline and drop in the ride, I am either thrilled or throwing up. Being a mom is the ride of your life and we want to ride with you. Thank you for visiting and being a part of iMOM!


If there is anything I’ve come to know as absolutely true about motherhood, it’s that it’s a whole lot easier with support.

That’s why I feel really blessed to be the iMOM manager. When you find an article that reminds you you’re not alone, or a printable that makes your day smoother, it makes me smile! When you comment that a story is just what you needed, my day is made! Our kids deserve the best version of us, and we deserve some grace for times we fall short of that. I know you’ll find both here.

Abby Watts


love your family well