20 Adorable Ways to Love Your Kids

love your kids

My number one goal as a mom is to make sure my children know I love them. As parents, we can tell them we love them, but often our actions speak louder than our words. I love to find creative ways to show my kids they are deeply loved–and more than anything else in my life, it is worth the time and effort. {Tweet This} Here are 20 adorable ways to love your kids.

1. Leave a love note on their pillow.

2. Speak highly of them in front of others/publicly.

3. When you are dropping your child off in the car line at school, keep driving and have a mommy/child day doing some of their favorite things.

4. Allow them to select the menu for a special meal.

5. Select a Scripture verse that exemplifies qualities you see in your child and write it out for them on special paper or on a note card they can keep.

6. Write/record your child’s birth story.

7. Reward them tangibly with gifts.

8. Make a date with your child and be intentional in affirming them during this time.

9. Talk about your favorite memories with them.

10. Text your teen. Text them your top 10 favorite things about them in a top 10 list.

11. Affirmation yard attack. Put signs in the front yard. On the signs, write the qualities you love most about your child—one per sign.

12. Make a short video on your phone talking about what you most love about them or your favorite memories with them.

13. Have their siblings and their dad write down “5 things I love about you” and then put them all together in a card or journal.

14.  Make a scrapbook all about them.

15. Create a How You’ve Grown poster. Choose pictures of different stages in their life and things they love. Use magazines cutouts, photos, scrapbook materials, etc.

16. Give a stack of  “Open When” letters that your teen can “open when they need encouragement”; or “open when they need to laugh”; or “open when they are having a good day.”

17. Leave sticky notes in unexpected places. Write little notes of encouragement and put them where they won’t expect to find them.

18. Make a blessing jar for them. In the jar, you can put encouraging notes and Scriptures and things you love about them, favorite memories as well as their favorite candies, goodies, etc.

19. Put a banana in their lunchbox and write on it with markers and hearts.

20. Write on the bathroom mirror in lipstick so they find encouraging words from you when they wake up in the morning.

Here are a few other ideas to love your kids well. And some practical tips too.

What other fun ideas do you have to let your kids know they are loved?