20 Fun Ideas for Family Fun Time

  1. Go to a local high school football, basketball or any other game.
  2. Take the kids on a mystery trip. Give them clues about your destination as you get closer. It can be something as simple as an ice cream shop or playground, or a trip to a museum or amusement park.
  3. Put on a family play.
  4. Let your children prepare a meal and serve it to you and your husband, restaurant style.
  5. Plant flowers (indoors in a flower pot or outside).
  6. Get to know the family of one of your child’s friends by having the family over for a cookout.
  7. Let your kids take photos, print them, and make a photo album — then have the kids think of captions.
  8. Have a fun, free scavenger hunt.
  9. Go to a park and take some pictures of landscapes. Develop the pictures, get out the paints and try to paint landscapes by looking at the pictures.
  10. Go on a bike ride that ends with a picnic.
  11. For girls: have a spa hour — paint each other’s nails, do your hair, let them put makeup on you.
  12. Build an obstacle course and let each family member compete for the best time.
  13. Have a garage sale and let your kids decide how to spend the proceeds on a family day.
  14. Plan a secret surprise for someone in need. For example, cook a meal for someone or mow their lawn, without them knowing who did it.
  15. Camp out in your backyard.
  16. Let the kids help you paint their room. Let them pick out the paint color. (It might get them to actually clean it first!)
  17. Bake cookies, bread, or a cake — from scratch.
  18. Let your children design a family crest.
  19. Go ice skating or roller skating.
  20. Play Board Game Dash! Each child gets to choose a game, and you play each one for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off—game over.

What would you add?