3 Ways to Show Your Kids the True Meaning of Christmas

the real meaning of christmas

Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, and the Grinch. Buddy the Elf, Scrooge, and Kevin McCallister. My kids know every one of them. They are the classics of Christmas. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is light the tree, curl up on the couch with my family, and watch Christmas shows and movies. A family holiday viewing tradition.

The deepest desire of my heart is met when the movie shares the real reason for Christmas. You see, I enjoy the magic of make-believe but I rejoice in the gift of eternal-belief in Christ. If you are looking to pass on the real meaning of Christmas to your kids, here are 3 Christmas movies that tell the story of the birth of Christ.

1. The Star

There are so many movies to entertain children, but little teach them about the gift of eternal life in the birth Christ. This year, The Star, changed that. And I want to hug someone for it. When some genius merges all the things I love — a message with eternal significance in a humorous story filled with animation and joy, I want to hug them for creatively caring about the hearts and minds of children. It’s my favorite time of the year for the magic and for the gift of Christ. The Star is a gift of both. They must love kids because I found on their resource page so many ways your child can engage in the story – family discussion guides, devotions, books and coloring pages.

2. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

The entire story is about Charlie Brown looking for the deeper meaning of Christmas. We can all get too focused on the presents, festivities, and decorations, especially kids. This is a fun and charming classic that seamlessly tells the story of Christ’s birth through Linus reciting Scripture. It is a great opportunity to ask kids what they think Linus is saying and what Charlie Brown learned.

3. The Little Drummer Boy

We all know Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, but the same people made this claymation special. A little boy is filled with anger and hatred, but when his lamb is injured and close to death, his only hope is to go to a king for help. The king he encounters points him to the newborn King of Kings. When the little boy encounters the baby Christ, his lamb is made new and his hatred and anger are wiped away. Not only does The Little Drummer Boy share the story of Jesus’ birth, there is a lot of symbolism to teach your kids as to why His birth is so significant.


What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch with your family?