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7 Camping Game Ideas

Cartoon of tents and campfire.

Twig Castles

Kids love going to the beach and making sand castles, right? So the next time you go camping, start with the same concept but add a twist. Bring a bottle of white glue and scissors. Gather some small twigs and create a twig castle!

Catch, Don’t Catch

One camper goes into the middle of the circle with a ball. They go around the circle saying “catch” or “don’t catch” to the campers. If a camper catches the ball and the person in the middle said “don’t catch” they are out. For an extra challenge speed it up, or add an extra ball. The last person standing is the new middle person.

Group Storytelling

Mutual storytelling is a fun twist to the usual campfire “story time.” One person will begin the story with one line that serves to set the scene. Then the next person will add a line. Be creative and have fun!

Chubby Bunny

A campfire would not be complete without marshmallows, so you should have several to spare for this kid-friendly game. Each player has to place a marshmallow in their mouth and say, “Chubby Bunny.” Once everyone says it well, they all have to put another marshmallow in their mouth. The person who can fit the most marshmallows in their mouth and still say, “Chubby Bunny” wins. (For safety reasons, use small marshmallows.)

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is a memory game for the whole family. Everyone sits in a circle and takes turns listing animals in Noah’s ark, in alphabetical order. The first person says, “I’m going on Noah’s ark and I’m bringing two apes.” The next person says what the first person brought and adds something else to it, such as “I’m going on Noah’s ark and I’m bringing two apes and two birds.” The game continues around the circle, with everyone reciting the list in order and adding their own animals. If you make a mistake, you’re out of the game and you must move out of the circle. The last person in the circle wins.

Sing Songs

A traditional campfire sing-a-long can be fun for the whole family. Choose the songs and use pots and pans as instruments. You can even have a dancing contest around the fire.


This game is ideal for teenage campers. Every camper is assigned a number from 1 to the number of players.

  • Players form a close circle with one camper in the center who holds a ball (preferably a sponge-like, soft ball).
  • The camper throws the ball straight up and shouts out a number.
  • Everyone scatters except the camper whose number was called. He has to catch or retrieve the ball.
  • As soon as he has the ball, he yells “S-P-U-D” and everyone freezes.
  • The camper with the ball can then take up to 3 giant steps towards any camper he wants.
  • He then throws the ball at the camper.
  • The target camper can move all parts of his body to dodge the throw – except his feet.
  • If the camper is hit, he gets S otherwise the thrower gets S.
  • Everyone gets back in a circle and whichever camper received a letter gets to throw the ball up for the next round.
  • When a camper reaches S-P-U-D, he is out of the game. Or, after a set time, the person with the least letters is the winner.


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