Adopted at Birth

My name is Clyde Christensen. I am a husband, a father of three terrific daughters, and I’m an NFL football coach. I don’t know of anyone whose life has been more blessed than mine. I have a great passion and appreciation for the role and benefits which a family (or team of any kind) can have on one’s life. As I look at our own family, and as I look forward and dream of our daughters going on and living fruitful, Godly lives, I see them raising families of their own.

But as often as I look forward, I also can’t help but look back and think of how easily my life and thus generations to follow could have been snuffed out before it ever got started. I can’t help but think of a 15-year-old, unwed, pregnant teen who made a courageous decision not to abort her child, but instead gave him a chance at life that over 50 million children since have not had. That child was me.

I have never met my birth mother, but I am so grateful for her courage to have her child when it wasn’t and still isn’t to this day the choice of most. I am grateful for her unselfishness in wanting the best life for me and the decision that I might benefit from life in another family. I’m touched by her faith in entrusting her child to God with confidence.

She trusted God would find the right family and would watch over her child throughout his life. You see, she left specific instructions at the Los Angeles County Hospital to place her child in a Christian home or that she would take her child back. I often pray that God would give her clear assurance and peace that He was faithful and that He had done just that.

Oh, that she would know all that came from that difficult decision to give birth to me and then put me up for adoption. A young pastor and his wife who were unable to have children were given great joy (I hope) by her decision. Coaching has given me the opportunity to influence many young lives throughout the years. And today, my own beautiful girls have and will continue to impact this world for good.  What an impact ONE right decision can have!

I’m also so grateful to Dick and June Christensen, my adoptive parents, for taking me fully into their family as their own. I cannot remember ONE day in my life that I haven’t felt loved and supported.

Even now, as an adult, I often get a message from my dad telling me how much he loves me and how proud of me he is. I pray my children are able to say the same thing about their dad.

Anything I could write about my adoption experience would be incomplete without mentioning the greatest love of all, and that’s God sending His only Son that I might be adopted into a precious relationship with the Father of all Fathers. I am so thankful for the concept of adoption and the new life that it gives.

By Clyde Christensen, Offensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins and All Pro Dad Spokesman