Breast Cancer Prevention

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And while the thought of breast cancer can be frightening, it’s helpful to be aware of ways to prevent and detect this disease.

At The Mayo Clinic’s website, we find this information:

“Breast cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in American women, is the disease women fear most. Experts predict 178,000 women will develop breast cancer in the United States in 2007.  Yet there’s more reason for optimism than ever before. In the last 30 years, doctors have made great strides in early diagnosis and treatment of the disease and in reducing breast cancer deaths.”

Here are the most important prevention steps you can take:

  • Have your gynecologist exam your breasts annually, at your yearly appointment.
  • Perform monthly breast self exams (BSE). Click here for a BSE video tutorial that shows you exactly how to examine your breasts.
  • Have annual mammograms, starting at age 40.  Discuss the need for earlier mammograms with your doctor.

For general information on breast cancer, go to the Mayo Clinic’s website and type “breast cancer into the search bar.”

Finally, The New York Times online ran this excellent article about myths surrounding breast cancer.  It also clarifies statistics that are often misused.

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