Co-Parenting Tips A to Z

coparenting tips

I woke up with a restless feeling I couldn’t shake.  Several days prior, I agreed to meet with my friend who recently navigated through an emotionally charged tough custody battle.  The judge’s final decision left tension and strained communication between the two parents.

If you are faced with a co-parenting situation or are doing life as a single parent, stressors are unavoidable, but most often they are based on miscommunication. For whatever reason the separation happened, broken trust and damaged relationship bonds are casualties.  Healing from the wounds of a broken relationship must be the highest priority, because anger, resentment, and hurt often result in heated arguments. As a result, your children can get lost in the process and wonder who they can trust.

Safe, emotional, and mental boundaries are needed to strengthen the relationships as well as move past the tension that often plagues the involved family members.  Here are some helpful A-Z tips to resolve co-parenting conflicts.

A – Always put the kids first.
B – Be respectful.
C – Communicate gracefully.
D – Disagree privately.
E – Encourage unity in the family.
F – Free yourself from resentment.
G – Give thanks for quality time with your kids.
H – Honesty helps.
I – Initiate productive conversations with your children’s father.
J – Join forces for the benefit of your children.
K – Keep kindness a priority.
L – Listen attentively.
M – Meet halfway.
N – Nurture your children’s relationship with their father.
O – Open to forgive.
P – Participate joyfully.
Q – Quickly resolve conflict.
R – Regroup when necessary.
S – Separate facts from feelings.
T – Turn to God or wise counsel for support.
U – Understand differing perspectives.
V – Vent confidentially.
W – Watch your words.
X – “X”-pect challenges.
Y – Yield to love.
Z – Zip the lip.

Remember: Children want to love both parents!  So don’t hit your “ex” below the belt.  Swallow your pride (the biggest step), bury your grievances, and let go to move on.   Your children need you now more than ever. {Tweet This}

What are some tried and true co-parenting tips that work for you?

Janelle Keith loves lattes, good laughs, and lives to notice the good in others. She is the author of Grace for Your Waist, her story of losing 132 lbs. of weight.